Posted by on June 23, 2017

Do you hear that?

Did you know your garage door is the largest moving object in your home? An object of this size and weight needs to be properly maintained or it can lead to serious problems. Even if you’re not experiencing performance issues, you may be at the mercy of a noisy garage door. There are many reasons your garage door may be producing a lot of noise, but luckily, we can fix them all!
A common source of garage door noise is worn out rollers. We can replace your old rollers with high-quality, nylon, 13-ball bearing rollers that come with a lifetime warranty. These will give your garage door a smooth lift and reduce noise.
A few other quick tricks for reducing noise include tightening all loose hardware, replacing old hinges, and lubricating all moving parts in your garage door. These small adjustments could mean big results for your noisy garage door. To ensure that your parts are being properly replaced and maintained, we suggest annual garage door tune-ups.
An unbalanced garage door or worn out garage door springs can cause a noisy garage door as well as more serious problems. These issues need to be addressed right away. If you spot these issues, call one of our experienced technicians to fix your garage door today.
Even if your door is properly maintained and all parts have been replaced, your garage door could still be loud and noisy. The noise is just a byproduct of your garage door’s natural movements and type of material. The sound can reverberate around your concrete garage making the noise seem even louder. If this is the case, we suggest insulating your garage door. An insulated garage door is quieter and more eco-friendly. We can install insulation at a regular maintenance appointment.
If you’re ready to reduce the noise from your garage door, give us a call today. Our technicians will assess your individual situation and provide all necessary solutions. Schedule your annual tune-up or other regular maintenance today for best results.

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