Posted by on July 25, 2017

The Ultimate Accessory: The Garage Door Opener

Without an electronic garage door opener, lifting your garage door is just another cumbersome chore and potential safety hazard. When we refer to the opener, we are referring to the motorized machine that helps to lift your garage door. This motor is typically paired with a switch or remote that others may also refer to as an “opener,” so don’t be confused.
The electronic garage door opener was first introduced in the mid 1920’s in Indiana but didn’t become popular until after the addition of the keypad, after World War II.
Most garage door opener models are mounted on the ceiling of a garage and use a chain, belt, or screw system to pull and lift the door. Because most garage doors are too heavy for the machinery to lift on its own, so the opener relies on the counterbalance of the springs to do most of the work.
We offer standard openers (chain-driven) and ultimate openers (belt-driven). All our openers come with a LIFETIME warranty on the motor, a 5-year warranty on the chain rails and mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electrical components.
If your garage door opener needs a repair or if you need installation of a new garage door opener, we can help. If your garage door won’t open, it could be a number of problems that may or may not be related to the opener and/or the remotes. We can diagnose your problem and repair your garage door quickly and efficiently.
Call us to discuss our garage door opener brand offerings or to schedule your repair or installation today

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