Posted by on June 23, 2017

Was Your Garage Door Invited to the Party?

Summertime invites the opportunity to have a cookout or get-together outside. Your yard and driveway are open spaced that are great for entertaining. When you’re decorating for your shindig, don’t forget to dress up your garage door! This large, flat surface is perfect for decorations to add to the festive atmosphere. Large banner coverings will also protect your garage door from party grime, dirt or spills.
Another option is to host your party inside your garage. The open space makes for a great venue for everyone to gather. If you leave your garage door open, it creates a seamless flow from the inside party space to the outdoors. This opetion leaves the yard and driveway open for activities and protects your party against the threat of rain. With the garage door lifted, it is protected from the possible threat of damage from unruly party-goers.
Inside or out, your garage door could be impacted by your party. Safety is our top concern and it should be yours too. Before you invite your guests over for a celebration, schedule a garage door tune-up to ensure the safety of your garage door. Give us a call today!

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